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Driving Trust: How Dealerships Can Win the Used-EV Market

  • EV
  • Partners
  • Earning Consumer Trust
  • Empowering Dealership EV Sales
  • Realizing EV Market Potential

Dealerships have a unique opportunity within the electric vehicle (EV) market within the used-EV segment. Traditional valuation methods fall short when assessing the true value of a used EV: two vehicles with similar odometer readings often have significantly different levels of battery health.

As with any used-car purchase, buyers are wary of ending up with a lemon. The result is an uncertainty "tax" that shows up in depressed resale values and longer inventory turnover times for EVs.

Now, forward-thinking dealerships have a powerful tool to close this gap and secure a competitive advantage: the J.D. Power Battery Health Certificate.

Earning Consumer Trust

The cornerstone of any successful vehicle transaction is trust. Traditional measures of a car's worth — like mileage, service history, and visible condition — are insufficient for gauging an EV's state. As much as they may want to, dealers have not (yet) been set up to instill confidence in the minds of used-EV buyers. Questions such as “How much has the battery degraded?” or “How far can I actually drive on a single charge?” often go unanswered at the point of sale.

This is where the J.D. Power Battery Health Certificate makes its mark. As an independent certification of an EV's battery health, it provides a clear, trusted verification process that reassures buyers about the quality of their potential purchase. Dealers can set accurate expectations and confidently market their inventory, ensuring their offerings stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Empowering Dealership EV Sales

By incorporating the J.D. Power Battery Health Certificate into their sales process, dealerships can directly address and mitigate the primary concerns facing used-EV buyers. This not only enhances the attractiveness of their inventory but also positions them as trusted advisors in the EV space—a critical advantage as the market continues to grow.

Moreover, this certification empowers dealers to:

1. Educate Consumers: Shift perceptions about battery degradation and manage expectations with data-backed insights.

2. Command Higher Prices: Justify and uphold higher resale values for certified vehicles.

3. Accelerate Sales Cycles: Reduce the time-to-sale by alleviating buyer hesitations upfront.

Realizing EV Market Potential

Consumers want to feel confident, and the J.D. Power Battery Health Certificate gives vehicle retailers a powerful trust-building tool.

Dealerships that adapt to these changes will thrive by building trust with their customers and partners. The future of the used-EV market is bright, and because we're still in the early days, it's all to play for. By addressing buyer hesitations head-on, dealerships have a unique opportunity, right now, to position themselves as trusted leaders in a growing market.

P.S. Motorq also has the ability to assess and certify the health of ICE vehicle drivetrains, pulling in data points like maintenance markers and True Fuel Economy. One solution for all used and remarketed vehicles? Yep.

P.P.S. Auctions and car listing sites like this solution too.

Reach out to discuss how EV Battery Certifications can benefit your organization.

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