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Move smarter with device-free insights

Data is Power

Motorq’s Connected Vehicle Data Platform gives you powerful insights from your fleet’s data, no dongles required.

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Trusted by industry leaders with combined fleets of over 2 million vehicles

Key Features

Motorq helps fleet managers to...

Save time & money with preventive maintenance

Track ordered vehicles from factory to dealer lot

Understand which ICE vehicles should be swapped for EVs

Reimburse your EV drivers, even when they charge at home

Encourage safer driving with in-vehicle coaching

Eliminate fuel fraud with Fuel EKG™


Proudly partnering with 12 industry-leading OEMs, including:

  • GM
  • Ford
  • Toyota

How It Works


Motorq synthesizes data of all types and sources and gives you the flexibility to use it as you like:

Motorq Fleet Portal

Get actionable, real time information in an easy-to-use, customizable web application.

Data Lake

We store your data in a Snowflake instance, so you can access as much or as little data as you like, in the format you like.


Use Motorq’s API to build custom integrations into your existing workflow or create completely new applications that fit your needs.

Fleet Portal, Data Lake, API: It’s Your Choice

"I talked with 5 different fleet management companies about vehicle connectivity, and they all told me to talk to Motorq"
Raghu IyengarDirector, Fleet CPO and RemarketingVolkswagen of America

Motorq FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Motorq FAQs

Learn More About Connected Insights

Interested in learning more about what connected data offers? Download our vehicle insights one-sheet pack.

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