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We're on a mission to connect every vehicle, everywhere.

Data made powerful for you.

We're Motorq, the connected vehicle data company. We connect you to your vehicles over the internet, build data logic and apply machine learning methods, and give you data wrapped in insights and recommendations.

Directly Sourced

Our data is sourced directly from the vehicle manufacturers, so you’re getting the most reputable and clean car data on the market.

Data Storage

Access your data how you want: via portal, data lake, streaming, or API. Flexibility is built in, so that the data flows to where it's most useful.

Lower Costs

Our software-first solution enables us to offer car data and insights without the bloat of additional hardware or long-term contracts.


Data is not enough. Our vehicle data is enriched using data science to inform crucial analysis. Our platform takes you from data to insights to decisions that drive your business forward.

Reduce Complexity

We ingest the data, and we also do the science to abstract away cross-OEM complexity. AI and ML techniques power our logic that turns disparate data into intuitive insights.


Choose between a standalone, intuitive portal or widgets you can embed in your own software. We easily integrate with your legacy platform so you never have to choose.


of the 10 global OEMs

Data Provenance Matters

We have relationships with nine of the top ten vehicle manufacturers in the world. We also integrate data from a variety of other sources, including aftermarket and third-party devices.


Our OEM relationships allow us to offer the highest-quality data on the market because it comes straight from the source: the vehicles themelves. When the OEMs make updates, we make updates, so you're always seeing the latest, greatest, cleanest vehicle data.


of the 10 global OEMs

Legacy & Aftermarket

Data feeds from aftermarket devices allow us to provide data and insights for vehicles in your fleet that are not yet connected-capable.


Third-party data points, such as weather, local utility prices, and speed limits, add rich context to data from your vehicles. Combining data sets moves you from data to insight and from insight to decision.

Accessing your data should be easy.

We provide several solutions to access your data, so you always have everything you need to make sound decisions for your business.

APIs & Streaming

All of your data is accessible via API or streaming. Feeds such as trip status, fueling events, and more are customized with metrics that are summarized just for you.

Data Lake

Our easily queryable database allows you quickly access the data you need for any ad-hoc or quick requests.

Portal Or Widgets

Choose from several different interfaces to interact with your data, like our standalone portal or embeddable widgets that allow you to view information live. Track locations, see trip history, and manage any vehicle health issues all in real-time to make quick decisions.