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EV Battery Health Check Report

Know the true value of every EV battery in your fleet.

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Meet industry benchmarks. Understand battery performance under various operating conditions, enabling you to make data-driven improvements to your vehicles' battery technology. Provide transparency and quality to your consumers for both new and used vehicles.


Stand out in the market. Differentiate your inventory from competitors with reliable and accurate insights on real-world EV battery health. Leave consumers feeling informed by each vehicle’s pre-specified battery health score, empowering shoppers to make confident purchasing decisions.


Give used EV shoppers confidence. Sell and purchase high-quality vehicles at a fair price. Use empirical EV battery health measurements to influence the marketplace with independent assessments of the vehicle's battery health compared to its stated health when new.

Know Each Fleet Vehicle’s EV Battery Health Level, Down to a Science

Battery Capacity

How much battery capacity can you expect from this vehicle compared to EPA-rated capacity?


How efficiently does the vehicle turn electricity into miles driven?

Expected Range

How has battery range changed over time compared to when it was new?

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