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How Connected Insights are Changing the Telematics Game

  • Fleet
  • The Telematics Shift
  • The Age of OEM Connectivity as Standard
  • Connecting Customers to Connected Insights

In the vehicle technology space, the ground is shifting beneath our feet. Aftermarket telematics devices are not the bedrock they once were; today, embedded OEM telematics have become standard — over 95% of new vehicles are "connected-capable" off the factory lot. In an age when OEMs building connectivity into their vehicles and incorporating the data costs into their MSRP, the old playbook of relying on aftermarket devices is not a winning one.

Accompanying these supply-side shifts are changes on the demand side: businesses with fleets are increasingly demanding the convenience and cost-efficiency of embedded OEM telematics.

The Telematics Shift

This seismic shift will create a divide in the telematics industry, a divide between leaders who adapt to harness the power of embedded OEM telematics, and … others who believe that legacy device-based systems will continue to sustain their business. The stakes are high and getting higher as customer expectations continue to mature alongside technological advancements. Those who embrace this change, those who understand and leverage the reality of 95%+ embedded connectivity — these companies are positioning themselves to lead the market.

The Age of OEM Connectivity as Standard

Welcome to the age of OEM connectivity — the new reality for telematics and IOT companies. In this brave new world, success hinges on integrating with a multitude of OEMs to make vehicle insights easy for end customers.

Transitioning to OEM connectivity as a standard presents its share of challenges. Telematics and IOT companies face technical hurdles in adapting their infrastructure to accommodate OEM data streams that don't match the specs they're accustomed to from aftermarket devices. Additionally, navigating legal and business negotiations with each OEM for data access is a daunting task. These barriers underscore why not every player will make the leap easily (and why those who do are set up for success).

Connecting Customers to Connected Insights

Understanding these challenges, Motorq has developed the Motorq Connected Vehicle Platform, specifically designed for telematics companies, IOT companies, and value-added service providers. This flexible solution offers streamlined access to data and insights from 13 leading fleet OEMs (plus several aftermarket device integrations), all in one platform. Featuring low-latency telemetry via Kafka, comprehensive onboarding workflows, and a suite of supporting APIs, Motorq gives these companies everything they need to serve OEM insights to their customers, fast.

The industry is moving fast, so Motorq’s platform evolves with the market. As OEM specifications tighten and new features emerge, we ensure that telematics and IOT companies are always at the cutting edge with minimal effort on their part.

In an era where vehicle connectivity is standard, and end fleets demand built-in telematics solutions, Motorq is focusing on empowering our customers to better serve their customers. With Motorq as a partner, telematics and IOT comapanies can navigate this shift confidently, offering superior services that meet tomorrow’s needs today. Welcome to the future of telematics and value-added services.

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