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Introducing Fuel EKG

Monitor the
heartbeat of
your fleet

Reduce fuel misuse with the combined power of connected vehicle data and fuel card data

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What is Fuel EKG?

Fuel EKG is the next evolution in fleet fuel management.
Fuel EKG generates fuel exceptions with industry-leading accuracy by combining fuel card and vehicle data, then surfaces those exceptions in an intuitive, visual UI that looks similar to an EKG graph.

Fuel EKG Demo (90 sec.)

Join Ethan, product marketer at Motorq, to learn what makes Fuel EKG different

How does it work?

Fuel EKG cross-references vehicle data and fuel card data to detect 4 different types of exceptions that indicate fuel misuse.

Location mismatch

Was the vehicle at the pump when the card was charged?

Excess Volume

Did the gallons pumped exceed the remaining tank capacity?

Card Mismatch

Was the correct card used with the correct vehicle?

Fuel Type Mismatch

Was the correct type of fuel pumped into the vehicle?

"Motorq’s Fuel EKG was instrumental in justifying decisions to top management around driver trainings and driver warnings."
Ed Pfeil, Director of Fleet Management, Massey Services

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