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Introducing Fuel EKG by Motorq

By  | Head of Product Marketing

Because fuel represents ~60% of a fleet’s operating budget, fuel card misuse can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Accurately identifying fuel misuse when it happens is a must, but curbing it requires more than simple flagging.

That’s why we built Fuel EKG, the next evolution in fleet fuel management.

Fuel EKG does two things exceptionally well:

1. By combining vehicle data (location, fuel tank level, etc.) with fuel card data, Fuel EKG identifies exceptions with much higher accuracy than approaches that rely on a single data source.

2. Fuel EKG exceptions are surfaced in an intuitive, visual UI that enables proactive conversations with drivers and managers – conversations that reduce the risk of fuel misuse in the first place.

Motorq's Fuel EKG was instrumental in justifying decisions to top management around driver trainings and driver warnings.

Ed Pfeil | Director of Fleet Management at Massey Services, Inc.

Here's a 90-second demo of what Ed is talking about:

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