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Welcome to The Drive

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Our goal is to bring you the most important stories around product news, industry milestones, and the rapid transformation of vehicle information.

Unlocking the Value of Vehicle Data is Exciting. Let’s Talk About It.

Today’s fleets have solutions right in their driveways that are smarter and more creative than ever before. The Drive will address vehicle data head-on. Not just how it’s been classically defined by telematics – but how it’s being reimagined by businesses. Because, for the first time, fleets can have their data how they want it.

The Drive has also been given a new coat of paint – making it easier to browse articles, authors, and more!

We’ve launched:

✓ New design

✓ Updated content system

✓ Upgraded, browsable blog library

✓ Author profiles and personalization

Motorq 101: Our Mission

Our priority is helping owners and operators access the data asset within their vehicles. We listened to customer pain points and dove head-first into our industry’s main challenges in order to solve them. Here are some of the ways we’ve served our customers:

→ We work with all fleet types: ICE, EV, mixed, fleets with aftermarket devices, and more.

→ Hardware is not required! We turn your data on remotely and hands-free.

→ You can use our platform, or pipe our data into your current systems.

→ Low cost-per-vehicle subscription.

→ High-demand use cases ranging from EV, to vehicle tracking, to fuel, plus several more.

What’s Next?

Here’s what's coming soon to The Drive!

🚀 VIN Checker: Enter your fleet’s VINs for an instant connected data compatibility check.

📈 Product Launches: Stay tuned for our newest product releases, announced here first.

🚗 What Is Motorq? The 2-part explainer series that dives deeper into what we do.

💯 Customer Stories: How Are Today’s Leading Fleets Succeeding with Data?

We’re so excited to restart the conversation around vehicle data and bring you the insights that matter. Stay tuned for our upcoming content releases.

Want to join the conversation? or follow us on LinkedIn. Or, if you’re curious about connected data, you can or reach out to us at [email protected] .

Motorq, Inc. 345 California St, Suite #600 San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 779-0525