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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

By Arun Rajagopalan | Co-Founder & CEO

November 18, 2020

Earlier this year, as Covid-19 raged and communities around the country took preventive measures, the disruption to every sector of business was significant. Particularly hard hit were industries, like automotive, with complex and expansive supply chains. Whether it was getting raw materials to factories, or getting products from the plant into the market, Covid-19 left its mark.

It was particularly challenging for the auto industry, where idled plants, shuttered dealerships and furloughed workers made it extremely challenging to get vehicles from the factory floor to their owners – especially fleet customers.

Millions of vehicles are delivered each year to the likes of car rental companies, corporate and government fleets. During Covid-19, deliveries nearly ground to a halt. For companies and government agencies who rely on fleets for service delivery, first-responders or other vital business operations, a solution was needed.

Enter GM and Motorq. We realized pretty quickly that if we could access the data from OnStarTM Pre-Delivery data service, we’d be able to leverage our platform to provide fleet owners and fleet management companies with critical data – including pin-point location of vehicles throughout the delivery journey – whether on a rail carrier, on a truck carrier, or on a dealer lot.

We worked closely with GM engineers to code the solution, and within weeks we had a working solution – a secure customized solution for GM fleet vehicle owners to be able to track vehicles and confirm delivery. All the customer had to do was consent to us the VIN (vehicle identification number) to “light up” the vehicle and track its progress. This streamlined the delivery process and enabled fleet owners to overcome the challenges of Covid. They could be automatically notified if their vehicle came in to their delivery point.

We’re proud to have played even just a small part in helping businesses adapt and deliver on their mission during the pandemic. We also believe this is a great proof-point about the value of OEM connected cars in real-world scenarios.

After all, if you can track the delivery of your $40 pizza, you should be able to track the delivery of a $40,000 car.

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