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Love Telematics But Hate Dongles? Upgrade Your Fleet with Motorq

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Telematics has forever changed the way businesses manage their fleets, providing valuable insights to optimize operations and reduce costs. However, traditional telematics solutions that rely on dongles – aftermarket devices that plug into a vehicle's OBD-II port – introduce several operational challenges. From the additional costs of acquisition and operation to the risk of drivers unintentionally or intentionally knocking them out, dongles have, for years, been a source of frustration for fleet managers.

Why Existing Dongle Customers Love Connected Insights

Customers who’ve already purchased dongles love working with Motorq because we free them from being tied to a single vendor, and we make their future connectivity effortless. By integrating both OEM data from new vehicles and data from older vehicles with partner dongles, Motorq creates a seamless telematics experience that unlocks the full potential of their fleet data.

Motorq eliminates the need for new dongles by leveraging direct OEM integrations. The Motorq Connected Vehicle Platform connects directly to the vehicle's onboard modem, providing real-time, high-quality insights without the need for aftermarket devices or installation. This hassle-free approach simplifies fleet management while offering a more reliable and efficient telematics solution.

Before we dive deeper into connected data's benefits, take a look at the video preview below to see how easy a basic vehicle maintenance check is in the Motorq Portal. This information is readily collected using the vehicle's connectivity and without hardware.

Key Benefits of OEM Data vs. Dongles

1. Better Data Accuracy and Consistency

With Motorq's direct OEM integration, you get access to high-quality data that is more accurate and consistent than data collected through dongles. This improved data reliability enables better decision-making and a more comprehensive understanding of your fleet's performance.

2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Simplified Fleet Management

Motorq's dongle-free solution reduces to zero the costs associated with purchasing and operating dongles. Additionally, eliminating the need for physical devices and installation simplifies fleet management, reducing the time and effort required to maintain your telematics system.

3. Minimized Security Risks and Strong Privacy Protection

Dongles can pose security risks and raise privacy concerns, especially when dealing with sensitive vehicle data. Motorq's solution ensures enhanced security and privacy by connecting directly to the vehicle's onboard modem, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

4. Easy Scaling for Fleets of All Sizes

As your fleet grows, Motorq's direct OEM integration makes it easy to scale your telematics solution. You can seamlessly add new vehicles to your fleet and access valuable data from the moment your ordered vehicles roll off the factory line until the day you sell the assets.

What About the Shift to Electric Vehicles?

The growing adoption of EVs presents new challenges and opportunities for fleet managers. Reliable data is crucial for effective EV fleet management, including use cases such as prolonging battery health, maximizing resale value, and reimbursing drivers who charge at home. Traditional telematics solutions that rely on dongles may not be compatible with some EVs, as they might not even have an OBD port. Motorq's direct OEM integration offers a future-proof solution that can support your fleet's transition to electric vehicles and provide the insights you need to get the highest return on investment from EVs.

Businesses Look for Value Out of the Box, with Flexibility Built-In

Motorq counts among its customers not just some of the largest fleets and fleet management companies in the world, but also dealerships, telematics service providers, and application developers. These businesses came with diverse needs that dongle-based solutions struggled to meet. Whatever your vehicle data requirements, Motorq's platform can be customized to deliver the insights you need in the format you prefer.

It's time to say goodbye to the hassles and limitations of dongle-based telematics solutions. Whether you're already using dongles or just starting to explore the world of vehicle data, Motorq offers a comprehensive, future-proof solution that unlocks the true potential of your fleet data.

The Meta Layer That Unlocks Value from Your Fleet Investments

The future of telematics isn't just about collecting data from vehicles; it's about leveraging that data through deep analysis and machine learning and making this information available to the entire organization. This is where Motorq comes in, offering a comprehensive solution that combines the best of both worlds – direct OEM integration and compatibility with existing dongle solutions for older vehicles.

Motorq is the leading connected vehicle infrastructure and analytics company. We’ve built a powerful connected vehicle platform that empowers businesses to realize value from their fleet investments. With best-in-the-industry relationships with 12 of the leading fleet OEMs (covering 34 individual brands), Motorq can easily connect with 95%+ of all new vehicles, providing a no-dongle future with OEM data. Motorq's platform goes beyond simple data collection to offer deep analysis and machine learning that transforms raw data into actionable insights.

Addendum: Myths About Dongles vs. OEM Data

Since connected vehicle data is rapidly evolving, its benefits have grown steadily even over the past few years. Let's talk about the long-debated perks of using hardware to extract vehicle data and debunk some myths around OEM data's ability to achieve those same (or better) results.

1. Unmatched Reliability

At any given time, some percentage of dongles aren't working. The exact number is debated and will depend on your circumstances, but this is one of the most common complaints we hear from fleets that use these devices. Because OEM data comes from an integrated onboard modem, this method boasts a higher reliability rate, with close to 0% response rate issues, making them a more reliable option for vehicle data collection.

2. Broader Data Access

While dongles may have limits on which vehicle systems they can access, such as in-vehicle cameras, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) information, or electric vehicle battery data, OEMs have no such constraints. OEMs provide access to comprehensive vehicle data "out of the box", allowing for more detailed insights and analysis from more systems inside the vehicle.

3. Competitive Sample Frequency

Don't let sample frequency time deter you. Dongles may report data every second, making for a visually appealing animated map experience. But OEMs are now releasing standard frequencies of 3 to 5 seconds. It takes the average reader 4 seconds to read this sentence. The point is: 3 to 5 seconds isn't a lot of time when you are trying to do the work of fleet management, like locating a vehicle or responding to a maintenance alert. The OEM frequency rate powers accurate vehicle location tracking, trip history, and more, making OEMs a reliable choice for real-time data collection.

To learn more about how Motorq can transform your telematics experience, with your questions today.

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