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Jeff Schlesinger, Former CEO at LeasePlan USA, to Join Motorq’s Advisory Team


The fleet management industry is at the dawn of a new era of data that will bring massive benefits, and along with it, significant complexity. As aftermarket telematics devices give way to natively connected cars, there’s a new data paradigm. By working with the automotive OEMs, Motorq is uniquely positioned to unlock the business intelligence that comes from a connected fleet, while hiding the complexity from the customer.

As we grow, we continuously seek to improve and tailor our technology and products to meet the needs of the companies that use them. We are pleased to announce that Jeff Schlesinger has joined our team to help us ensure that we do exactly that in the most effective manner.

Jeff has a proven track record in the automotive fleet industry. He is the former President and CEO of LeasePlan USA, one of the world’s leading fleet management companies. LeasePlan has 1.8 million vehicles under management in more than 30 countries. As a result, Jeff understands the entire vehicle life-cycle for fleets, from purchasing and maintenance to re-marketing. Prior to LeasePlan, he was the SVP & Managing Director of GE Capital Fleet Service (now Element Fleet Management), where he led the global initiative of the world’s largest fleet management company, a $1B business with operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He restructured the business in the midst of the global financial crisis, repositioned the strategy, reorganized and delayered the organization and adjusted the pricing model.

At Motorq, he will serve as a strategic advisor to help the company better understand the needs of fleets, as well as continue to deliver services and features to meet them. Jeff will also be supporting our growth by focusing on creating opportunities for business development, across different use cases.

Motorq’s CEO Arun Rajagopalan said “Jeff is a well-respected leader whose knowledge and experience in the industry is without peer. We look forward to working with Jeff to ensure that we’re delivering market-leading and game-changing offerings to our customers. We are excited to have him on board.”

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