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J.D. Power and Motorq Collaborate to Measure Real World Electric Vehicle Battery Health

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Motorq is proud to announce our partnership with J.D. Power, a leader in vehicle analytics, software, and consumer intelligence. At Motorq, we're deeply invested in providing vehicle owners with insights in order to understand and maintain the value of their investment in electrification. Connected vehicle data will provide EV owners greater reassurance about the previous life of their electric vehicle's batteries. We seek to raise the bar when it comes to understanding the quality of life of each electric asset.

J.D. Power and Motorq Combine EV Vehicle Data Insights

TROY, Mich.: Jan. 23, 2023J.D. Power, a global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, and Motorq, the leading connected vehicle analytics and infrastructure company, have announced a strategic alliance to provide the automotive industry with insights based on connected vehicle data. The first product from the alliance will measure real-world electric vehicle (EV) battery health. Using data provided by the vehicle itself, in close collaboration with the manufacturers, J.D. Power and Motorq will provide EV owners and potential buyers with an independent measurement of the health of that vehicle’s EV battery, compared against its stated health when new. Individual vehicles that achieve a pre-specified score will receive a J.D. Power validation that will give potential buyers confidence in the health of the EV battery.

Read the full press announcement here >

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