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General Motors’ OnStar Business Solutions Teams Up with Motorq CEO to Solve Customer Pain Points

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Connected car data is evolving. It’s richer, more insightful, and more actionable than ever. Much of this progress has happened in the last five years with higher quality data sets emerging from auto manufacturers. It’s estimated that nearly 70 percent of all vehicles worldwide — 90 percent in the U.S. — will be shipped with embedded connectivity by 2023. As connected vehicles become the norm, the demand for insights from connected vehicle data continues to grow.

Motorq’s partnership with General Motors’ Onstar Business team focuses on utilizing this data and transforming it into insights to improve driver behavior and vehicle performance. Whether a customer needs to understand which repairs their vehicles need and when, the charging infrastructure of their electric fleet, or driver performance insights, the answers now come directly from the data within the vehicle itself. We are in an exciting place where we have the information to solve stubborn challenges in the name of never-before-seen fleet performance.

Watch this recent conversation between Motorq Co-Founder and CEO, Arun Rajagopalan, and the Onstar Business Solutions team live in Palo Alto, CA, to hear what’s next for connected vehicles.

Interested in learning more? Get your questions answered or request a demo from our team at: [email protected].

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