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Dongle or Not, It’s Time to Connect Direct

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For many years, the only way to get actionable data from fleet vehicles was the installation and constant upgrading of hardware. Or, as the industry knows it, The Dongle. And for most, the cost and complexities of dongles were outweighed by the insights and business improvement.

The holy grail, however, has been OEM-direct connectivity. With no aftermarket installation, no over-the-air updates, and better, faster, and richer data, OEM-direct data offers fleet owners and managers unparalleled benefits.

We understand that you may have contracts or obligations for your existing fleet. But there’s no reason to continue to add dongles to new vehicles that are OEM-equipped for connectivity and likely already compatible with Motorq’s platform.

With no long-term contracts, the connected data allows you to see the value of a hardware-free approach without a multi-year commitment. Since there are no dongles to order and deploy, you can be up and running in days.

Read on for more on your fleet’s connected future or chat about it with a member of our team at [email protected].

How Will You Connect When 50% of Your Fleet Still Relies on Dongles?

The challenge is for mixed fleets. Many vehicles in fleets are still under contract for after-market/third-party telematics, so the temptation would be to simply add dongles to new vehicles – even if they are connectable. Yet doing so needlessly commits you to yesterday’s technology and sentences you to an inferior user experience.

Motorq’s cloud-based platform solves the mixed connectivity fleet problem because we integrate OEM data AND aftermarket devices. We are able to abstract away the complexity by showing connected vehicles alongside dongled vehicles, without the user needing to care which is which.

91% of Newer Vehicles are Now Connected Capable

According to research from Statista, there were about 84 million connected cars on the road in the United States last year. This number is expected to swell to 305 million in 2035, making the United States the biggest market for connected vehicles.

The chances are pretty good that a large majority (if not all) of the vehicles you add to your fleet in the coming months and years will be connectable. This changing of the guard represents a significant opportunity to also shift your approach to telematics and fleet management insights.

90% of Top OEMs are Feeding Insights Directly into the Motorq Platform

In addition, we have technology partnerships with 9 of the world’s largest OEMs which collectively represent more than 32 million vehicles on the roads today. That means that with each passing year, your fleet has more and more data readily available straight from the source: the vehicles themselves. This “single source of truth” is the new standard for vehicle insights. There is no reason to settle for anything less when this caliber of vehicle data exists simply by connecting your vehicles to the internet and accessing it.

Our platform takes these disparate data types from both OEM and aftermarket hardware and “automagically” translates them into a common format which is then presented via customized dashboards for our fleet customers. Therein lies the modern-day solution for mixed fleets.

9 Top Benefits of Connected Car Data

Motorq’s platform creates a range of information designed to help fleet managers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and decrease waste, including:

  • Pre-delivery vehicle tracking. Know where a vehicle is, in real-time, from the moment it leaves the factory floor.
  • Geofencing. Set geographical parameters for vehicle travel to make sure they go only where they are supposed to, ensuring efficiency, fuel use, and compliance with company policy.
  • Complete trip analysis. Observe and evaluate daily routes to ensure drivers are efficient.
  • Complete driver analysis. Track and analyze risky driver behavior, including speeding, harsh braking/acceleration, seat belt use, etc.
  • Driver coaching. Use in-vehicle coaching for in-the-moment audible warnings, reminders, and suggestions for safe driving to prevent accidents before they happen.
  • EV charging insights. Get the most out of EV batteries by optimizing your routes based on geography, temperature, traffic, and other variables that impact range.
  • Fuel misuse reporting. Automatically detect when fueling amounts don’t match starting fuel levels in vehicles to prevent fuel card misuse.
  • Maintenance alerts. Keep on top of basic maintenance and get ahead of costly repairs. Receive automated reports of issues or recommended servicing.
  • World-class consent management. Control privacy and the opt-in and opt-out of vehicles based on driver and owner consent.

As you infleet new, connected vehicles, consider the power of having those vehicles live on a connected platform.

Interested in learning more? Talk to a member of our team at [email protected]

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