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The data-driven EV solution you’ve been waiting for

Concerned about range, battery levels, paying for charging? We’ve got you covered. Deploy EVs with confidence with our at-home reimbursement solution.

Reimburse every driver for every charge, everywhere

Connected EV data means you can track every charge down to the kWh, whether it happens overnight at home or during the day at a DC fast charger. Our charging reimbursement reports make refueling (and saving money) easier than it’s ever been.

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EV charging is coming home

There are a lot of thoughts out there about charging strategies, but the data is clear: you should charge your vehicles at home if you can. It’s more convenient for your drivers (charge while they sleep), better for the battery (less degradation over time), and better for your bottom line (up to 75% cheaper than public chargers).

Did someone say “sustainability?”

Sustainability is becoming a crucial component of business strategy and a dimension for building a sustainable competitive advantage (get it?). Connected data lets you tell your fleet’s sustainability story loud and proud, backed by metrics such as CO2 emissions avoided that come straight from the vehicles themselves.

5,000 miles

Distance driven

10 tons

CO2 emissions avoided


Fuel Savings

5,000 tons

Avoided Fleet-Wide

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The vehicle is the single source of truth

Every charging event, every trip, every battery status – the car knows it all. All we do is take that data, turn it into insights, and give those insights to you so you can run a leaner, cleaner, EV-powered fleet.

Time, location, and type of charge

SOC (State of charge)

Battery capacity / health

Receive battery-driven alerts

EV benchmarking

Understand which vehicles
are most efficient and why

Charging events and real-time charging status

Geofence events

Get alerted when a vehicle
leaves a location with low SOC

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