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How This Sustainability Leader Optimized EV Fleet Charging with Motorq's Home Charging Solution



Imagine designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing wind turbines across the globe. This leader in clean energy operates one of the largest EV fleets in the country and sought a solution to reimburse drivers for charging costs incurred at home while promoting sustainability and efficiency.


Like every fleet adopting EVs, they needed a way to reimburse drivers for costs incurred while charging company electric vehicles. This was particularly true at home, due to the benefits of home charging paired with the hurdle of calculating electricity based on county and household. Home charging is better for EV battery health, more convenient for drivers, and significantly cheaper than public charging. However, without a robust system to track charging events and related costs, implementing a home charging reimbursement program was challenging.


Motorq's home charging solution provided this clean energy leader with the tools it needed to optimize its EV fleet charging strategy. Motorq's platform tracks every charging event and its associated costs with high resolution, enabling drivers to be reimbursed down to the cent. This precise tracking made a home charging program possible without the need for expensive charging infrastructure and complex reporting.

Motorq's solution helps promote slower charging, which can prolong battery life in the long run. Additionally, the platform offers metrics such as CO2 emissions avoided, allowing fleets to showcase their commitment to sustainability.

Below is a real-world example of EV insights that impact charging decisions at the driver level. Based on cost and SOC parameters, it's easy to spot vehicles relying on fast charging, public charging, or EVs that fall outside of company SOC guidelines. This customer was able to roll out EVs and implement a successful charging program using these insights and more.


By implementing Motorq's home charging solution, our customer experienced:

1. Improved battery health across the fleet due to slower home charging.

2. Lower energy costs as a result of increased home charging and reduced reliance on public chargers.

3. Enhanced sustainability by tracking and reporting CO2 metrics, demonstrating that this customer is committed to clean energy not only in its products but also in its operations.

To learn more about how Motorq can help your fleet achieve similar results, today for a demo or more information.

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