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How a Ride-Hailing Service uses Motorq’s API to Reduce Operational Costs



Perhaps your driver parked in front of a driveway or stationed their car during rush hour where they shouldn’t have – drivers who inadvertently miss local parking restrictions might find themselves with the sinking realization that their car has been towed.

For ride-hailing services, these issues pose massive operational headaches. From paying heavy penalty fees to spending time on paperwork and retrieving vehicles, each impounded car can cost up to $10,000. And for their drivers, this can cause distress and disruption to their jobs.


Through Motorq, the company was able to leverage OEM-powered telematics and APIs to solve these fleet management challenges.

Particularly, Motorq collaborated to setup bi-directional APIs – meaning, that this allowed the company to not only retrieve information about their vehicles, but also send commands and instructions back to them.

A Motorq API command that proved especially instrumental was the “Get Location” command.

In the past, when the company's vehicles had been towed, it was almost impossible to locate where their cars had been taken because the car’s engines would be off, and the GPS cut off.

But now with Motorq’s API, the ride-sharing platform has gained the ability to accurately track their vehicles by remotely “waking” the car from its dormant state and have it broadcast its location.


Today, the company uses these capabilities to track if a vehicle is located in a geofenced impound lot, and swiftly take action to mitigate impoundment fees and retrieve their vehicles, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced operational disruptions.

From small to large-scale fleet operators, managing local regulations, addressing vehicle requirements, and collaborating with drivers are just a few examples of the daily operational challenges they face.

Motorq’s partnership demonstrates the power of leveraging connected car data to simplify those operational challenges. Learn more about Motorq’s flexible APIs to help your business locate and protect your assets, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

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