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Global Food Distributor Reduces Fleet Risk and Insurance Costs with Motorq



This manufacturer of baked goods realized it was time to proactively identify and address vehicle issues and driver behavior, both of which were leading to high insurance costs. They rely on a substantial fleet to deliver food across the United States and globally. As distribution needs increased, they faced challenges in reaching their fleet's potential for safe and efficient operations.


Before partnering with Motorq, the fleet relied on aftermarket devices (dongles) to capture and relay data from their vehicles. These devices came with several disadvantages, such as the need for a physical device and frequent disruptions in data due to device malfunction or loss. Inconsistent data and an inability to connect all vehicles in the fleet hindered the company's efforts to reduce risk and manage insurance costs. 


Motorq's software provided a comprehensive solution by directly accessing vehicle insights from major global OEMs, eliminating the need for aftermarket devices. Motorq's platform normalizes and analyzes data from vehicles' onboard modems, converting it into actionable insights and metrics. These insights are then made available through a fleet management portal, API, and Snowflake, enabling the company to proactively identify problems and correct driver behavior problems before they become business problems.

The dashboard previews below showcase crucial driver behavior insights that provided a clear picture of how their fleet was driving and who needed to be coached. Using a driver scorecard that pulls from real-time data is one way connected insights transformed the safety of their fleet.

Driver Behavior Reports

Harsh Braking Reports

As a result of Motorq's partnership with OEMs, the customer was able to connect all vehicles in their fleet. Their driver behavior data and more represented consistent data collection and analysis across every vehicle.

To see a live demonstration of this Motorq Portal feature, take a further look by watching the driver behavior video below:


By implementing Motorq's software, the distributor achieved lower fleet-wide risk and reduced insurance costs. Their business now has a more effective way to monitor and manage driver behavior, leading to safer driving practices and fewer incidents. Additionally, their fleet no longer needs to rely on aftermarket devices, a benefit that's streamlined their fleet management operations and further reduced costs.

To learn more about how Motorq can help your fleet achieve similar results, today for a demo or more information.

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