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How Much of Your Fleet is Connected-Capable Today?

By  | Head of Product Marketing

When we talk to fleet owners (and rental companies and FMCs) about the value of the Motorq Connected Vehicle Platform, one of their first questions is usually:

“Which of my vehicles are compatible?”

We're a software company, so we decided to make some software that enables anyone to quickly check the compatibility level of their fleet.

We call it… the Motorq VIN Checker!

Ready to skip straight to the report? Run Your VIN Check here

Because 95% of new vehicles are connected-capable, more and more connected-capable vehicles are swapped into fleets with each passing month. And because have agreements with 12 of the largest fleet OEMs in the world, our products can connect directly with an ever-increasing share of global fleets.

That’s all great, but you care about which of your vehicles are connected-capable. All you need is your list of VINs, and our new VIN checker will tell you, VIN by VIN, which can connect devicelessly to the Motorq platform, and which will connect via a device (we can connect to aftermarket devices made by all the leading device companies).

The tool can currently check up to 500 at a time via spreadsheet upload and up to 100 via copy/paste into the text box.

Got more than that? We can run checks of any size. Just send your VIN list to us at [email protected] and we’ll send you back your report!

Just want to talk? Fill out and a member of our team will be in touch to learn about how vehicle data can bolster your business.

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